Many festivities are involved when celebrating Valentines’ Day. You have card shops with many sappy or sentimental cards that say the words people couldn’t come up with when romancing their significant other or attempting to express their feelings of caring. You can buy all sorts of gifts during valentines for both sexes, although you should be wary of giving flowers (or worse, sex toys) to a friend or coworker who might see it as you coming onto them. In regards to sex dolls, it’s more of a gift you give yourself for your own pleasure and as a way to stave off loneliness. For your significant other, you can also give away special garments designed to mark Valentines Day, such as lingerie or bikinis. Instead of simply going naked and making love, why not increase desirability by introducing kinky outfits prior to your sex session? There are even exclusive Valentines’ Day lingerie items available.

What About Your Sex Doll?

* Your sex doll can also be dressed up like Barbie so that you can do things to her that will get you jailed if you do them on a Barbie doll. You can do (or simulate) oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, facial ejaculation, frottage, fondling, petting, and kissing with your sexual doll since it’s an inanimate object used for sexual simulation and stimulation. It’s kind of like a vape or an e-cigarette that you can use to practice sex or unleash your sexual frustrations on. Just like how a vape simulates cigarette smoking safely, sex with a doll simulates STI-free sex.

* As long as you’re hygienic and your sex dolly is well-maintained and only yours to use, you’re unlikely to get sex diseases or infections from it unlike with a prostitute or a girl who isn’t completely honest about her promiscuity, health, and/or habit of using protection. Lingerie looks just as good on a doll depending on how real and how well-proportioned it looks (a sex doll can range from almost real to store mannequin tier in construction). Lingerie with your real-life sex partner is especially sexy.

* If you’ve managed to get a girlfriend and decided to do away with your sex doll, you’ll be treated to her wearing private garments that cling to her skin and leave nothing to the imagination. It’s like she’s naked but not quite. It’s not there to cover up her skin. It’s there to be worn as comfortably as possible and to show off her own body for your viewing pleasure. It may or may not end up covering her private parts depending on how naughty the garment is. You can also pick lingerie in many individualistic or exotic styles.


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